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Install Stable:
Last updated: 08/19/10

Last updated: 08/19/10
Stable Releases
This page contains the latest stable releases of grsecurity and gradm.

For 2.4 kernels, the most recent patch is always considered stable.

For 2.6 kernels, we currently maintain a stable version of the patch against the 2.6.32 stable tree. The 2.6.32 stable tree is supported by a number of major vendors.

Please report any grsecurity bugs to and any PaX bugs to
grsecurity-2.2.0-[sig]08/19/10 22:21
grsecurity-2.1.14-[sig]11/10/09 19:31
gradm-2.1.14-201005041005.tar.gz[sig]05/04/10 10:05
gradm-2.2.0-201008112235.tar.gz[sig]08/11/10 22:35
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You can download the key used to sign these packages here

Bradley Spengler (spender) <spender at grsecurity dot net>
Fingerprint: 9F74 393D 7E7F FF3C 6500 E778 9879 B649 4245 D46A
Signed by: 39F081BF The PaX Team <pageexec at freemail dot hu>
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Development of grsecurity is sponsored in part by:

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Development is also supported by user donations.  If you use grsecurity, consider making a donation to support its further development:

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